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School compliance solutions to help you save time and provide you with complete clarity when changes happen within the Education sector.

Stay current, stay compliant, stay calm

We’ll keep you up-to-date with the constantly shifting expectations of the Education sector by telling you what’s changed and what you need to do next,  then giving you the tools to take action.

Access 3,000+ articles, on safeguarding, policy and compliance, Ofsted and inspection and more, including over 1,500 compliant and ready-to-use templates and model policies.

Any question you have, any resource you require, we will send you a fully-referenced solution, based on the latest guidance and legislation, straight to your inbox within 3 working days

How can TheSchoolBus help you?

With a single subscription, all your school leaders, teachers and governors can benefit from what TheSchoolBus has to offer. No hidden costs. No extra charge for governors.

Choose your role below to find out how TheSchoolBus can help you stay informed, remain compliant and drive standards

The unmissable is finally unmissable

Missing out is frustrating. Missing policy changes is stressful. Missing deadlines is even worse.

TheSchoolYear is the only Education calendar with every key Education event, deadline, policy juncture, submission deadline, and best practice milestone you will ever need to know. And since we don’t want you to miss out, we’ve made it completely free.

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Your Complete, Synergistic Solution

Whether you struggle to keep track of your policy review dates, find it difficult to keep an accurate audit trail, or need a helping hand when it comes to reporting, our Compliance Manager service provides the perfect synergistic solution.

Whether you struggle to keep on top of your ever-changing statutory compliance requirements, or to create, approve and distribute the variety of policies required to meet them, our Compliance Manager service provides the perfect, synergistic solution.

Compliance Manager: Monitoring and Reporting is the definitive system to track, record and report regulatory excellence, with minimal impact on both budget and time.

Compliance Manager: Policy Management revolutionises the way you store, manage and review important policies – keeping you in control.

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A School Improvement Solution for All

Annual assessment of your school or academy is good… but dynamic, real-time monitoring of every school improvement opportunity is truly transformational.

Evaluate-Ed makes measuring, tracking and reporting school improvement simple, collaborative and effective, equipping your school, academy or MAT with the real-time data needed to:

  • Detect emerging threats and identify school improvement opportunities
  • Direct and course-correct school improvement plans
  • Effortlessly monitor and accelerate progress towards your school improvement goals

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