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TheSchoolBus consolidates your school improvement, safeguarding, governance, CPD and consultancy subscriptions into 1 low-cost annual subscription – you could save £1,000s*!

Money Savvy Primary School: Budget Review 2022-23

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Support Expenses Difference to Year Prior Management Notes
Subscription: TheSchoolBus +£500 Trying TSB for a year after a strong recommendation from local school
Policy and Compliance Support -£750 Ended 1 subscription as we found all the information and model documents we needed on TSB
HR Consultancy -£900 TSB team was able to answer many of our queries for no additional cost, so we only needed 3 days' consultancy this year instead of 5
Data Protection Consultancy -£1,250 TSB is able to provide answers and compliant templates so we saved an estimated 5 hours' legal billing time
Safeguarding Consultancy -£950 TSB training and support reduced spend, and templates reduced time spent on paperwork and policies. We estimate we've saved 2 days' consultancy and cancelled our safeguarding subscription.
Governance Support -£550 TSB training and support reduced spend (all governors added at no additional cost and given access to wealth of resources)
Continued Professional Development and Training -£2,000 TSB online learning reduced spend on courses via unlimited online training for all staff members, we also made savings on INSET day training resources and outsourcing. We estimate we saved a minimum of 20 course purchases at £100 per user.
£5,900 Saved

TheSchoolBus can save you money and end compliance headaches

Access 3,000+ accurate answers and fully-compliant solutions covering safeguarding, policy and compliance, HR, facilities, governance, data protection and more.
And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can simply tell us what you need and receive a fully-referenced, compliant answer or document in your inbox in less than 3 working days (at no extra cost, not a penny).
There’s something for all staff and governors on TheSchoolBus, including unlimited online training opportunities, and you can add every staff member for no additional fee.
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*Savings shown in the example budget review illustration are provided for illustrative purposes only and are only intended to represent example savings based on the average cost of comparable subscriptions and the average cost of relevant consultancy services