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How we help you keep your schools compliant

When schools have questions, they look online for answers. There’s no shortage of information out there – but how much of it should your schools trust? TheSchoolBus takes the risk out of compliance and ensures consistency across your LA. We’ll make sure your schools are always up-to-speed with the latest DfE and Ofsted changes and have everything they need to take immediate action – reducing queries from schools and leaving you to focus on the local priorities that make all the difference. Of course, some matters require LA involvement. So, when it’s time for your schools to talk to you, we’ll make sure they get in touch. Take a tutorial of TheSchoolBus with one of our product experts and as a thank you we'll send you a free £5 voucher for Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Caffè Nero

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Trade your services online with ease

Our streamlined, cross-border Procurement service facilitates the exchange of millions of pounds between schools and local authorities. If you’d like to sell more services to more schools and academies, get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

  • 3,000+ articles on everything from safeguarding to governance
  • Save your schools countless hours with ready-to-use templates
  • Access, approve and distribute 300+ compliant model policies
  • Share summaries of government policy to keep your schools up-to-date
  • Know that your schools’ safeguarding measures meet expectations
  • Facilitate low-cost, high-value staff training with meet and brief packs
  • Cut down time spent answering queries internally
  • Ready your schools for inspection with Ofsted preparation resources
  • Easy implementation – we provide free demonstrations to your schools
  • Make big savings thanks to our economies of scale discounts

TheSchoolBus has put us on a firm footing with schools, it’s shown them that we are here and the breadth of the services we offer are in one place. It shows that we care and we’re responsive to what they want. We wanted to provide schools with something that saved them time and money, by having access to templates and standard documents, rather than always having to re-invent the wheel. We get fewer random queries from schools now as they can usually find what they want on site; this helps them find what they want, and it helps cut down time on the phone with them, giving our team time to do their usual jobs. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hub4Leaders Ltd.

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Would you like an in-depth look at what's on offer? Book a free, no-obligation online tutorial and we'll show you how TheSchoolBus could keep your schools up-to-date and compliant. As a thank you we'll send you a free £5 voucher for Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Caffè Nero

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