Blog written by Chris Whiteley, Managing Director of The 21st Century Leadership Company, a company with seven years’ experience in offering leadership and team development programmes — and winner of the ‘Best Management Consulting Firm 2017’ at the Greater London Enterprise awards.

The secret of change is to focus all your energy,

Not on fighting the old, but on building the new”



While 2017 is well and truly behind us, many of the key leadership challenges from last year will continue into 2018; reduced funding, recruitment and retention, managing workloads and wellbeing, further changes to examinations and accountability measures are just a few of the problems that school leaders are currently facing on a day-to-day basis. The challenge for school leaders is getting greater while the resources are becoming even tighter.

No organisation can become successful and grow without a sustainable pipeline of leadership talent at all levels. This should become an increasingly important focus for headteachers, CEOs and directors, where sustained high performance and growth are strategic points. If getting the right people into the right roles is so important, why invest so little time and money in building long-term people plans to achieve it?

Just as the quality of an education cannot exceed the quality of its teachers, education providers cannot sustain or grow faster than the quality of their leadership pipeline. By investing in spotting talent, developing it and planning succession, you can enable greater impact in the long run.

The government is fighting to tackle these issues and as part of the action plan to improve social mobility through education, former Education Secretary Justine Greening launched a consultation on teacher career progression (closing 9 March 2018). The consultation focusses on strengthening QTS and improving career progression for teachers, aiming to find ways to attract the best and brightest people into the profession, investing in them throughout their careers, and keeping them in the classrooms.

Ms Greening said the DfE wants to make it easier for all schools to better support the development of their own staff — not only will this help to improve the quality of teacher, but it will also help with staff retention.

People are the most important resource in education and, as we progress through 2018, now is the time so start investing in your human resources.

The 21st Century Leadership Company are aware that the demands placed upon headteachers and school leaders have increased like never before and we have been working with a number of education institutions to offer a bespoke leadership development programme. We believe the programme offers a unique and deeply personal form of support that is increasingly becoming vital.

With our support, we have seen how school leaders have been able to sustain high levels of personal performance, stay motivated and become connected with their passion and values – delivering the best possible outcomes for their pupils.


Give Chris Whiteley a call today on 01925 730209 to get the best out of your best in 2018.

The 21st Century Leadership Company would like to help develop your school’s SLT and, due to financial restraints that schools are currently experiencing, have kindly offered our Hub4Leaders community a generous 50 percent discount on Personal Development workshops.

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