What a Summer it’s been! We hope you’ve all managed to enjoy the heatwave while it lasted. It’s hard to feel refreshed in such stifling heat, but hopefully you’re well rested and ready for another academic year!


What’ve you missed?


Although the DfE has been relatively quiet over the Summer, there have been a couple of rumbles in the sector that you might have missed over the holidays.

Is your exclusions system up-to-scratch?

The DfE lost a landmark court case as the upper tribunal ruled for more protection from exclusion for pupils with autism. A legal loophole had allowed schools to exclude autistic pupils for acting aggressively, even if the school hadn’t made reasonable adjustments to support the pupil.

Thousands of children are missing from education after being removed from school before sitting their GCSEs to sway overall results. 21 percent of teachers have seen off-rolling occur in their school, according to a recent survey conducted for Ofsted by YouGov.

Since these incidents, the government has launched a review into permanent exclusion, and Ofsted has developed a model to locate the pupils missing in education.

So, the Autumn term would be a great time to ensure your exclusion procedures are up-to-scratch!

TheSchoolBus has a breakdown of the DfE’s exclusion guide in a 3-Minute Read and we’ve got a free article for governors on their role in exclusions, to help you know where to start!

The workload reduction toolkit has landed

The DfE released the long-awaited workload reduction toolkit in July. The series of online resources are intended to help schools identify and address workload issues and evaluate the impact of measures put in place.

To accompany the DfE’s workload reduction toolkit, our expert team have been busy creating an extensive collection of templates and guidance.

Keep your eyes peeled this term for our Reducing Workload Toolkit, which combines the teachings of the DfE’s toolkit with insightful and actionable solutions that are typical of TheSchoolBus.

National funding formula updates

Several tweaks have been made to the national funding formula for the 2019/2020 academic year, including new information for LAs on managing their growth funding and increases in funding.

If you want a quick way to get up-to-speed with the most current formula, it’s all outlined in The National Funding Formula for Schools and High Needs – 3 Minute Read.


Still to come…


School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document

You may have heard the latest on teachers’ pay over the Summer on the news, but we’re still waiting for the DfE to release the official School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document for 2018.

In the meantime, you can find details about uplifts and how the pay increases will work in our free article.

Let’s get ready for KCSIE!

The new Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance is in effect as of 3 September.

If you haven’t already made sure all your policies and procedures are compliant with the changes, now is the time!

Not sure what needs updating? Catch up on the changes in no time with our Changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education article. Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy is also up-to-date and ready to use in the new term.


Autumn term essentials


This term’s going to be a busy one for many of you, so let’s get off to a running start!

New term, new team members

The start of the new academic year usually means welcoming new members to your team, and a decent, thorough induction can make all the difference to employee engagement and retention.

It’s easy to let things fall by the wayside in the start-of-the-year rush, but this is one thing that, when done properly, really pays dividends.

So, take some of the pressure off with the Induction Resource Pack from TheSchoolBus.   

Not only does it have a policy template for the induction of new staff, governors and NQTs, it also includes a template welcome pack and a variety of induction checklists.

For those welcoming a new headteacher this term, don’t miss the free article for governors on carrying out a headteacher induction. 

Pay appraisals

It’s an annual duty to review teachers’ pay, and the time has come around again. The DfE’s model Teacher Appraisal and Capability Policy states that this needs to be completed by 31 October.

If you’re unsure about changes to pay rates in the absence of the new STPCD, read our free article for details of the uplifts announced by Education Secretary Damian Hinds.

If you need a helping hand revealing salary details to each teacher, use our Teachers’ Pay Progression Outcome Letter to efficiently and professionally inform teachers of the outcome of their pay review.

We also have a tool for presenting pay progression recommendations to governors or the pay committee. The Recommendations for Pay Progressions Template has columns to track current salary points, and their previous and current appraisal details, to help you easily monitor the pay progression of your staff.


Early Autumn is a great opportunity for governors to carry out admin tasks, review committee structures, delegate roles on the board, and other important tasks that prepare you for the upcoming year.

We’ve got your first governing board meeting of the academic year covered with our Early Autumn Governing Board Meeting Resource Pack. It reflects the agenda items outlined in the Early Autumn Governing Board Agenda Template and contains templates that you can use to check off the Autumn to-do list.


Special events



Remember, remember… it’s bonfire night on the 5th of November! If you’re planning to celebrate on the school grounds with a bonfire or a fireworks display, you must carry out the dreaded risk assessment before the fun with flames can start. Luckily, we’ve got a template Firework and Bonfire Risk Assessment to make this easier for you. 

We’ve also got a Fireworks on School Grounds Policy based on HSE guidance which is designed specifically to help your school stay safe on Bonfire Night.


Not to get ahead of ourselves, but Christmas is coming! A time of joy and cheer, all building up to… the nativity show.

It’s great fun seeing pupils in their costumes performing the well-known Christmas tale, but it’s not fun when things go wrong in a room full of proud parents.

To make sure your Mary and Joseph make it to Bethlehem without a slip, trip or fall, we’ve created a Drama Production Risk Assessment outlining the potential risks and how you can stop them from interrupting the story of the Baby Jesus. 


Break a leg!


So, we hope you’re looking forward to a successful Autumn term – but don’t forget, we are always here if you need us.

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