A broad and balanced curriculum is one that provides pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded and informed individuals.

From September 2019, Ofsted will be implementing a new inspection framework, in which curriculum will be a key focus. The curriculum will be placed at the heart of the new ‘quality of education’ judgement – Ofsted plans to judge different approaches to the curriculum fairly
to support the importance of schools having the freedom to design their own approach.

It is important that you ensure your curriculum is broad and balanced so that pupils are prepared for life after school; but how can this be achieved?

This report combines the good practice recommendations we have received from schools across the country, to help you build your curriculum and learn more about how other schools have tackled the challenge.

What's inside?

  • Be flexible with timetable design – tips for curriculum and timetable design
  • Include the whole team 
  • Implement curriculum enrichment
  • Consider Ofsted’s focus
  • Helpful resources from TheSchoolBus