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How this guide can help you

This guide contains advice from Education experts, as well as a breakdown of the need-to-know information found in the ICO’s GDPR guidance. Read the guide to learn what steps your school needs to take to ensure it is compliant with the new regulations.

To make sure you can take immediate action, we’ve included some templates to help you get organised and prepare for the introduction of the GDPR. We hope you enjoy our guide and we wish you luck with the preparation!

What's included?


  • GDPR: School Survival Guide
  • GDPR - How to Prepare
  • Data Protection Roles in Schools
  • Seven Things Schools Need to Know About Consent to be GDPR-Compliant
  • What's next?

Checklists to help you prepare

    • GDPR Document Checklist: What do Schools Need?
    • Preparing for the GDPR: A Checklist for Governors and MAT Trustees Template
    • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Job Description Compliant with the GDPR