Please be advised that this document contains words and phrases which can be viewed as of an inappropriate nature and may cause extreme offence; however, this guidance document is based on research concerning the top internet search terms used in regards to each topic. 
Even behind the closed doors of a school, pupils are at risk of harm due to the expansive, all-encompassing nature of the internet. Risks can include cyber bullying, grooming, access to pornographic, violent or extremist material, and access to websites and forums encouraging hacking, piracy, discrimination, self-harm, eating disorders and even suicide. 
Under the Prevent duty, schools are required to protect pupils from the risk of radicalisation, including those posed by the internet. Some schools have chosen to monitor keyword usage; with various implications should a pupil enter a restricted term (be it entered into an email, social media or search engine, or present within a page or URL). 
This document, created as a result of a 'Need Further Help?' request, outlines the search terms that may be used by pupils at risk from radicalisation, drug abuse, self-harm or that may be suffering from eating disorders.