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How this guide can help you

This guide contains advice from Ofsted inspectors, as well as a breakdown of the need-to-know information found in Ofsted’s inspection Handbook. Download for free today to learn how to prepare, what to do when you receive a call, what questions inspectors are likely to ask your governors, how short inspections have changed and much more.

To make sure you can take immediate action, we’ve included some templates to help you get organised and prepare for your next inspection.  We hope you enjoy our guide and we wish you luck with your next inspection!

What's included?

Guidance from inspectors

  • The calm before the storm - 7 things Ofsted do before coming to your school
  • Getting ready – policy preparation
  • Letting governors know what to expect - key questions asked by inspectors to governors
  • School Inspection Handbook – what you need to know
  • Changes to Ofsted’s Short Inspections from January 2018
  • Overcoming a 'requires improvement' Ofsted judgement
  • Overcoming an inadequate Ofsted judgement
  • What’s next?

Checklists to help you prepare

  • Ofsted preparation checklist: behaviour
  • Ofsted preparation checklist: HR
  • Ofsted preparation checklist: safeguarding
  • Ofsted preparation checklist: early years foundation stage (EYFS)