Monday 1st June 2020

What procedures should schools follow when receiving visitors during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?


Schools should aim to minimise the number of visitors they receive, as well as the amount of time visitors spend on the school premises, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – this will help to minimise group mixing and make it easier to maintain social distancing in school. Schools should also complete a risk assessment before opening up to visitors – our Coronavirus (COVID-19): Risk Assessment for Reopening After Partial Closure template covers the whole school community, including visitors.

To help manage visitors during this period, schools can consult our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Pack and Coronavirus (COVID-19): Recovery Phase Toolkit. These resources contain practical advice applying to everyone in the school, including visitors. Visitors should follow the same procedures as those in place for staff, including maintaining social distancing as much as possible and not entering the premises if they or any members of their household have symptoms of coronavirus.

Our Social Distancing Policy Statement template can be amended and implemented to ensure there are clear guidelines in place for infection control and social distancing.

Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs article answers the questions “What should we do to ensure effective social distancing?” and “What do we do if we suspect someone in school has coronavirus?”, among others.