The recruitment crisis within the Education sector is widely known – so it’s no secret that recruiting staff can be a real challenge. On top of the shortage of candidates, you also have to make sure your school is meeting all the different requirements at each stage of the recruitment process.

Our guide will take you through each aspect of the recruitment process, from advertising for a post to induction. We’ve also included tools, such as example interview questions and job descriptions, that you can use during your own recruitment drives.


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What's inside?




  • The teacher recruitment and retention strategy
  • DfE advice on staffing and employment in schools
  • The recruitment process
  • Safer recruitment
  • Recruitment and the role of the governing board
  • Effectively recruiting while saving money
  • How to use social media to recruit and hire




  • Assistant headteacher job description
  • Interview questions and tasks for a SENCO
  • Safer recruitment checklist
  • Recruitment shortlisting matrix