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Reducing teacher workload is a priority for every school. This free 90-page guide helps you to reduce your teachers' workload – alleviating teachers' stress and improving their work-life balance. 

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How this guide can help you


Read through the guide to explore different methods for identifying areas of concerns relating to workload, how to address these issues and how to evaluate the actions you take.

To make sure you can take immediate action, we’ve included some templates to help you with the different processes relating to workload reduction.

We hope you enjoy our guide and that it can assist you in taking steps to effectively reduce workload in your school! For more advice and resources to help you with all aspects of school leadership, visit


What's included?


• The background – why is workload such an important issue?
• Getting started – identifying workload issues in your school
• Reviewing your areas of focus – using an impact assessment matrix
• Addressing key workload issues
• Taking action and evaluating impact
• Ensuring workload reduction and staff wellbeing is continually considered
• The role of the governing board
• What’s next?


• Teacher workload survey template
• Workload impact assessment matrix
• Evaluating communications
• Data collection audit and action plan
• Workload reduction – assessing provision for NQTs and teachers in the early stages of their careers
• Workload review summary and evaluation
• Teacher workload and wellbeing action plan template
• Evaluating of actions taken to address workload