Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Information for Schools

What schools need to know about children and young people arriving under the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine

All school-aged children and young people arriving in the UK under the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine will have the right to access state education in the UK.

LAs will work with families to enable all children to attend a school in the local area as soon as possible, even if these places are not in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation they are in.

The government has published guidance for LAs on the Homes for Ukraine programme and an FAQ document.

It is for LAs to arrange school places for these children and young people; however, if schools have any questions, they can contact a dedicated team at the DfE who have been assigned to work on supporting young people arriving from Ukraine via email on

Useful links

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is concerning for everyone and it is likely that pupils will be worried about what is happening and may look to adults at school for reassurance. School staff may also be feeling worried and anxious about what is happening. It’s important that schools know how to address the conflict with pupils and also have measures in place to support pupil and staff wellbeing.

We’ve collated a number of useful links below to support schools.

Talking to pupils about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Supporting mental health



We also have a number of resources available on TheSchoolBus to help schools support pupil and staff wellbeing, including:

Please note that these are only a selection of the resources available – if you know of any other support resources, please get in touch and we will update this page.