Ensuring the school’s safeguarding policies and procedures are compliant with the law – as set out in ‘Keeping children safe in education’ (KCSIE) –  is the collective responsibility of the governing board. The requirement to continue being compliant with KCSIE during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic remains. To support schools to maintain compliance with KCSIE, but in recognition of the pressure and unique circumstances schools are working in, the DfE have published further guidance for schools and governing boards.

This template can be used by the DSL, deputy DSL or senior leader with on-site responsibility for safeguarding management and coordination to provide the governing board with a safeguarding compliance update that reflects changes to the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and safeguarding procedures. Governing boards should seek proportionate and essential updates from the DSL regarding safeguarding procedures – they should not expect onerous detail or unreasonable updates.

The report includes the following sections:

  • A compliance update to reflect the published safeguarding guidance from the DfE
  • An update to report any further changes to the Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and school procedures to the governing board
  • Confirmation of any updates made to the school’s safeguarding and child protection training in relation to the updated policy and procedures during the coronavirus pandemic

The report also includes sections for further actions taken and timescales for compliance to be achieved. There is also room to identify any resources required to ensure compliance.