Twerton Infant School & Nursery in Bath


Sara Willis got in touch with her nomination, here's what she had to say...

I would like to nominate George Samios, Headteacher at Twerton Infant School & Nursery for one of your Shout Outs for his (and all the Team's work) in keeping the school going through these challenging times. The Team have gone above and beyond, delivering food parcels, work packs and checking in on children who haven't been able to attend school in lockdown, every week since lockdown. They have enabled 63% of children to get back to some kind of schooling this last term and have worked tirelessly to support the community through this crisis.

I am the Chair of Governors here and I know my fellow governors are deeply grateful for the support they have given these children and families.




Dukes Secondary School, Ashington



Andrea Henderson got in touch with her nomination, here's what she had to say...

I would like to nominate Sally Milner, she is our chaplain at Dukes Secondary School, Ashington. She is the chaplain of the whole of our academy trust but I work in secondary.

As a school team at Dukes we have done so much and pulled together but Sally truly has been a superhero over this time. More than she usually is! 

She has done so much over this period for staff, parents and students. She's kept in touch with so many staff who have been isolating and shielding and I know for me that has really been a godsend.

She has collected prescriptions for shielding staff, she has supported the free school meals parcel drops for hundreds of families, she has also supported when this went to vouchers and has made sure families had these as soon as possible.

When she dropped things off for families she would chat and offer valuable support to so many of our families and students, taking the time to listen to find out how they are. Early on when people were struggling to get flour and baking supplies she organised with a supplier to get some supplies to school so staff and their families could buy flour directly from her, this has happened for most of lockdown and has helped so many people out. The cakes and bread that have been made have brought joy to many. She would also make a loaf of bread each week for the delivery driver!

She has supported transition and has kept things ticking along with the school minibuses. She has also communicated with an electronic newsletter she has sent round, it has kept people's spirits up by sending baking advice, lockdown stories and an opportunity to share good news.. There's probably other things she has done too that I don't know about!

She does so much in school behind the scenes too and does it all without any fuss. She is like the heart of our school and really deserves a shout out please,




Christ the King College, Newport, Isle of Wight


Nomination for Nora Ward, Head of School as a ‘Superhero’

During this recent pandemic the Senior Leadership Team at Christ the King College, Newport, Isle of Wight, would like to nominate their Head of School as a ‘Superhero’. Nora Ward has expertly juggled the needs of her family alongside the needs of the community. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that all children in our college are well supported and looked after. She has paid close attention to the needs of students, staff and families. Nora has immense energy and spirit and she has kept us all going through this dynamic phase in education. We are so grateful that she has been here to lead us. Thank you so much Nora.




Valley Invicta at Aylesford Primary School

Zoe Adams got in touch with her nomination, here's what she had to say...

I would like to share with you the amazing job the staff from Valley Invicta at Aylesford Primary School have been doing in supporting our families and the local community. 

We have had a team of staff delivering food parcels, a team of staff making calls to our most vulnerable families to check on their wellbeing. We have also been delivering school books and equipment to enable our families on the local traveller site to access the same work as everyone else (the internet there isn't great). 

Alongside this we have made sure that staff are accessible to parents if they need us, as much as is possible, to support the whole family. 

Staff have visited the houses of those children whose parents have expressed concerns about how anxious they are in this strange situation.  A familiar face can make all the difference. 

We have recorded and put on social media school staff reading stories to our children, encouraged and suggested mindfulness activities and shown lots of support when these activities have been shared with us. 

As I'm writing this, I know there will be things I have missed out as we have done so much!

As a team, we have risen to the challenge in these strange circumstances and done our very best.

I am proud to be a part of such an amazing team of people.




Bramley Sunnyside Junior School in Rotherham

Jessica Eastell got in touch with her nomination, here's what she had to say...

'I would really like to give a special mention to the acting head teacher of Bramley Sunnyside Junior School, Laura Robson.

Not only was this her first time as an acting head teacher but she took on the role and then was suddenly facing a pandemic. She has gone above and beyond for all the staff, children and their families. She works tirelessly to ensure everyone’s needs and requirements are met! 

She is a mummy to two young girls and yet she still works all the hours god sends! She is just an incredible woman and should be recognised.




Belmont Castle Academy Primary School in Essex

For the last 20 years, Hugh Templeton has been a peripatetic watercolour painting teacher in primary schools throughout the UK, including the Isle of Man. He has taken his unique watercolour workshops to more than 100 schools and taught thousands of children and their teachers. 

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Hugh has created a number of free art lessons for primary teachers to use with both key stage 1&2, helping them to produce a high quality watercolour painting to be proud of. 

For more information visit:




The Chiltern School in Houghton Regis

Jyoti Dhokia got in touch with her nomination, here's what she had to say...

''I would like to nominate my school Headteacher Lisa Leonard, at the Chiltern School in Houghton Regis, we are a SEN school.

My reason for choosing her is due to the current situation, she has been unbelievably strong whilst being almost reduced to tears. I know that many many people/children have & are still struggling with Covid19, but to me, I feel Lisa deserves the nomination because of all of her hard work''.



Wodensborough Ormiston Academy (WOA)

Meet Leigh Moore, the inspirational leader at Wodensborough Ormiston Academy (WOA)

Leigh started as Principal in 2016 tasked with turning around the poor academic results, behaviour and reputation of the school. Here she speaks passionately about the work she and her team do and her dedication to the school.




Westgate Primary School in Otley


Sarah Mumford from Westgate Primary School in Otley got in touch with us, this is what she had to say...

''As a governor of Westgate Primary School in Otley, I would love to give headteacher Helen Carpenter, a well deserved shout out for going above and beyond to ensure one particular child in great need was re-engaged with the school hub during lockdown. Sparing the details, her efforts involved emotional and physical challenges which she was prepared to go the extra mile for for the good of the child alongside leading a superb team in such difficult times''.



St John Fisher's RC Primary School in Denton


Danielle Knowles from St John Fisher's RC Primary School in Denton got in touch with us, this is what she had to say...

"I would love to publicly celebrate our real life superhero Louise Pountain.

Louise is the SBM, one woman organisation machine, champion of the wellbeing of others, risk assessor, policy writer, FSM warrior (I could go on and on). She does everything within her role, and a plethora of other roles on top, with a calm and understanding nature at all times. 

Louise has taken all uncertainty in her stride and provided an unprecedented amount of support for the children, parents and staff in many different ways.

She does all of this whilst ensuring her own young children and family are always her priority. She truly is an inspiration in so many ways and we feel incredibly blessed to have her in the team that leads the school".



Holy Trinity CofE Primary School in London


Headteacher Rosalyn Kimani got in touch with us, this is what she had to say...

''I would love to send a shout out to Ruth Edge who has only just stepped up as Acting Assistant Head (whilst our deputy is on Maternity). She has just come back from maternity leave herself and should only be working part-time. She has gone above and beyond every day. She has been an amazing support to me and the rest of the staff. I am very lucky to work with her and my amazing team!!''



Ramsden Primary School in Worksop


Shirley Gascoyne, School Accountant of Ramsden Primary School in Worksop, got in touch with us regarding our School Superheroes Campaign. Shirley works with some truly amazing members of staff that she feels deserve some recognition for their hard work, particularly at this trying time.


Here’s what Shirley had to say…


I know two incredible Super Women and would love to give them a high five on behalf of my school.


They have definitely been kind, selfless and positive during these trying times and my headteacher wholeheartedly agrees that a massive high five is well deserved.


Catherine Garrett, our SBM has been working from home since lockdown. Despite this, she is in touch every day, forwarding emails and uploading information to the DfE website. She ensures our bills are paid and our FSM children receive their food vouchers. She has even dropped off flour at my door as I haven’t been able to purchase any locally for over six weeks. She has worked throughout the holidays and weekends to ensure the school is able to support our vulnerable and children of keyworkers.


Claire Louth is one of our TAs who is working in school on the staff rota. She has also supported myself and Catherine whilst we have been working from home by scanning and forwarding all of our post. She has taken over all the in-school office routines, such as answering the phone, liaising with parents and carers and taking care of deliveries.


One of Claire’s great strengths is her creativity – she has been updating all of our open spaces, corridors and staffroom displays all around the school, making sure our children have an amazing environment in which to play and learn during these difficult times. Claire even organised our local Wilko store to deliver Easter Eggs to all of our vulnerable and key worker children.


It would be so lovely to give these 2 ‘super women’ the credit they deserve. They are both much loved members of our team here at Ramsden Primary School and they definitely brighten up everyone’s day – even remotely!  


Massive high five from the school to these 2 school superheroes!




Western Primary School in Grimsby


We caught up with Deputy Headteacher Zane Powles, to discuss the amazing work he's been doing in his local community, hand delivering packed lunches to the pupils of his school whilst they are at home during lockdown.



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