As of September 2019, Ofsted is conducting inspections under the ‘Education inspection framework’ (EIF), which means there are a number of changes to the way inspections are conducted.

This guide will take you through the most pertinent changes to inspections and explore key areas that inspectors will focus on. We’ve also included tools to help you prepare for your next inspection.

We hope you find our guide useful and wish you luck with your next inspection!

What's included?


• Key changes to Ofsted inspections from September 2019
• A typical inspection
• What to expect from two-day section 8 inspections
• The pre-inspection call – advice for headteachers
• Ofsted’s use of evidence
• Ofsted’s inspection of the curriculum
• Preparing for the new approach to data
• The key judgements
• Inspection outcomes
• Myth busting
• Priorities for school leaders and governors


• Questions for school leaders about the curriculum
• Governor Ofsted inspection meeting: governor meeting notes
• Self-evaluation summary form