Staff mental health difficulties

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Working in Education, you change lives. We’re asking anyone who works in a school to help share your experience and continue changing lives, but this time the lives of your colleagues nationwide.

The mental health of staff members in schools across the country is increasingly becoming a concern for school leaders and governors. With staffing shortages proving commonplace, and every year a high number of teachers leaving the profession, tackling mental health must be a priority for every school.

If you’ve encountered difficulties, share your experiences and help us to highlight the issues that can go undetected.

If you’ve found ways to help your colleagues, we want to know your approach – what works well in your school? How do you boost morale and ensure your staff achieve a positive state of mental health?

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To have your say and share your knowledge, simply email your thoughts to and we will collate your insights and ideas to help schools across the country.

When submitting your thoughts, please indicate whether you would like to remain anonymous or be credited in any related guidance.

Thank you 

Thank you for sharing what works well – by doing so you are making a real difference to the lives of your colleagues in Education.