Editorial Policy

Hub4Leaders Ltd. is committed to the highest editorial and ethical standards in the provision of all its content and related services. In all instances, we strive to ensure that content is founded on the best professional knowledge currently available. That is why we take special care identifying our contributors and constantly review their content. The following sections set out our editorial principles, standards and processes.



TheSchoolBus content will be accurate, balanced and transparent. Information given will be based on the best available professional knowledge from us and our contributors. Where content contains conjecture or opinion, this will be clearly indicated.

Taste and decency:

All content on TheSchoolBus will be suitable for a general audience and will not include material that might reasonably be deemed offensive.



TheSchoolBus has a dedicated team of editors and they have a clear mandate to produce accurate, balanced and transparent information. None of our editors will be asked, or is permitted, to provide favoured treatment to any partner organisation or contributor.


All editorial staff are given professional development training to ensure editorial standards are met.

Quality assurance

Hub4Leaders Ltd. is ultimately responsible for editorial quality standards as they relate to best clinical practice. Hub4Leaders Ltd. always welcomes feedback with regard to the site’s editorial process, via a Need Further Help link on TheSchoolBus home page.

Editorial process

The editorial process is as follows:

Phase 1 – Research

The evidence-based knowledge that informs all TheSchoolBus content is derived from established and renowned contributor sources that have proven experience serving the education sector in the disciplines they write to. In pulling together this knowledge to provide users with a rounded and balanced package of material on a particular subject, TheSchoolBus requires its editors to undertake the following process:

Phase 2 – Production

Once a piece of content has been researched and drafted, and forwarded by our contributors, it is edited by two editors and checked for:

  • Accuracy
  • Balance
  • Accessibility
  • Tone
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Absence of any material that might be deemed marketing

Phase 3 – Final editorial checks

Final content is then passed to highly experienced editors who check it for:

  • Common factual errors
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Adherence to house style
  • Overall presentation

If all is correct, the content is approved for site.

Review of content

TheSchoolBus content is reviewed systematically. All content is reviewed at least every 26 weeks and content is required [where possible] to be updated not less than every 8 weeks. Evidence updates to published content, as well as feedback from users and stakeholders, are considered on a day-to-day basis as they arrive, and content is reviewed and amended immediately if necessary.

What’s New this Week?

‘What’s New this Week?’ is provided by our editors and aims to collate and bring to readers’ attention the latest news in the sector from reliable national and international news sources.


TheSchoolBus welcomes feedback on all content. There are two ways to provide feedback:

  • Need Further Help - Send your feedback using the Need Further Help service on the home page.
  • Contact – you can contact us through the ‘Contact’ link at the bottom of every page on the site. Your feedback will go through to TheSchoolBus Help Desk who will pass it on to the appropriate editorial team member.

Complaint process

In the event that a complaint is made about a piece of content that cannot be resolved by TheSchoolBus Head of Content Strategy or editors, the matter will be escalated to the Managing Director of Hub4Leaders Ltd.