At Hub4Leaders we know that, in Education, every penny must secure true value for money. That’s why we have adopted our Fair Price Promise – it’s how we ensure you receive maximum value for money and secure our support for the lowest price possible.

Our Fair Price Promise

We will always provide the fairest price possible by:

  • Ensuring your price reflects your school size and type
  • Recognising economy of scale savings we can pass on to you
  • Never charging joining fees or hidden fees - one subscription provides access for all

How do we determine our pricing?

Our prices are calculated using pupil numbers – we believe this is the fairest way to determine prices in the sector. With that said, we understand that very small schools and special schools are exceptions to the rule, and we will always work with you to find a fair price.


Why must we charge for our support?

Creating and constantly updating TheSchoolBus content is an expensive investment. To populate TheSchoolBus with new content on a daily basis, quality assure over 3,000 articles and resources to ensure compliance, provide excellent support and create the technology required to deliver our products costs approximately £500,000 annually.

To cover these costs and ensure our 32 dedicated team members can receive fair compensation, we must charge for our services – but we charge only what is necessary.

How do we ensure excellent value without compromising on quality?

Sometimes our more reasonable prices can ring alarm bells. To put your mind at ease, here’s why can we afford to charge significantly less than our competitors:

  • We do not have equity investors expecting high annual profits – we are a family-run business dedicated to reinvesting profits into growing the business and supporting our customers.
  • We do not have expensive capital costs – our location and flexible working policies allow us to keep capital costs such as leasing fees to a minimum.
  • We do not pay large membership fees or sponsorship contributions to sector bodies – we prefer to spend that money on supporting our schools.


Why is TheSchoolBus the best value subscription you can buy?

Thanks to our user-guided content creation, the more schools on TheSchoolBus, the better TheSchoolBus becomes.

Our team comprises former practitioners, governors and educationalists who care about the sector and want to see it flourish – when COVID-19 began to impact schools, we provided tens of thousands of pounds worth of free resources to the sector to provide any support we could.

Our founder and CEO, Howard Jackson, has worked in Education for 35 years and his dream is to have TheSchoolBus available in every school in the country.

To make this dream a reality, it is essential that we provide the best service at the best price possible. 

Here are just some of the reasons we represent exceptional value for money:

  • We do not charge extra for governance resources – our entire governance range is available under your single subscription.
  • We do not charge per staff member – every member of staff and governor has access under your subscription.
  • We never charge a joining fee – we’ve never really understood what this pays for.
  • We pass economy of scale benefits on to you – if you are part of a federation or MAT, we recognise that we make savings on support costs and we pass these on to you by subsidising prices.
  • We always give back to the sector – our charitable arm, TheSchoolBus Foundation, distributes funds to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children across the country.