TheSchoolBus Compliance Manager is a cloud-based document management solution enabling schools, academies and MATs to safely store and easily manage important policies and documents.

Compliance manager

You're in control

Approving your documents is made simple through a step-by-step process, and you can monitor who has read documents and provided confirmation of understanding – creating a detailed audit trail.

The best part? When a change to legislation or DfE guidance is issued, any affected policy or document you store in our system is identified and you receive real-time notification of what’s changed and what you need to do next, alongside an updated template to get you started.

With Compliance Manager, you can:

  • Gain a head start

    Access to hundreds of amendable model documents

  • Store your documents

    Upload existing policies and documents, and easily assign related legislation and guidance

  • Make sign off simple

    Assign a dedicated sign-off team to each policy and view progress towards approval

  • Take control

    Automated version control ensures your staff always read and understand the right policy

  • Monitor understanding

    See who has read your policies, and send reminders with just one click

  • Stay compliant

    When something changes, we tell you what's changed and what you need to do next

  • Save time

    To make things simple, we give you an updated template addressing new requirements

  • Reporting

    Effortlessly demonstrate compliance to Ofsted with on-screen and print-friendly reporting

  • Audit trail

    Easily view who approved, read and updated your documents

  • Ensure access

    We're cloud-based, so you can access your documents from anywhere, anytime


  • 1

    Safely store your documents and assign responsibilities


  • 2

    Send the policy for approval and distribute for required reading

  • 3

    Monitor every step and send instant reminders to prompt action

  • 4

    Receive real-time notification of important changes


Additional MAT features

We’ve made an enhanced version of Compliance Manager suited to the complex needs of an MAT. To give you control, mandatory documents can be assigned MAT-wide, or to individual academies. To make monitoring progress simple, document activation and approval, alongside completion of required reading, can be viewed across all academies.



Academies and Schools can upgrade their subscriptions to TheSchoolBus from

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Academies and Schools can subscribe to TheSchoolBus with Compliance Manager from

£45 per month

per establishment*

LAs and MATs

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Bruce Doy - The Boswells Academy Trust

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