Annual assessment of your school or academy is good… but dynamic, real-time monitoring of every school improvement opportunity is truly transformational. Evaluate-Ed makes measuring, tracking and reporting school improvement simple, collaborative and effective.

Evaluate Ed

A School Improvement Solution for all

Equip your school, academy or MAT with the real-time data needed to:

  • Detect emerging threats and identify school improvement opportunities
  • Direct and course-correct school improvement plans
  • Effortlessly monitor and accelerate progress towards your school improvement goals

With Evaluate-Ed, You Can:

  • Analyse

    Efficiently health check every core aspect of your school - from finance and leadership to premises, educational outcomes and staff wellbeing - by answering intuitive questions created by subject experts.

  • Scrutinise

    Evidence every answer by adding contextual notes or attaching supporting documentation – areas requiring improvement are automatically added to your self-evaluation summary, ensuring self-assessment is always accurate and substantiated.

  • Prioritise

    Once analysis is complete, it’s time to take action by generating your action plan and monitoring your progress towards agreed goals as you complete your objectives.

  • Monitor

    With the ability to monitor your progress term-by-term, you can work towards your agreed goals and benchmark yourself against best practice standards.

  • Report

    You can present instant feedback to stakeholders via written reports and visually engaging graphical breakdowns telling the full narrative of your school improvement journey.

  • Reduce Costs

    Significantly reduce consultancy costs as you stop paying for advice you don’t need. Evaluate-Ed provides you with all you need in order to hone in on priority areas efficiently and effectively.

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