TheSchoolBus Foundation


About our charity

The purpose of TheSchoolBus Foundation is to further the advancement of education in England by providing disadvantaged children and young people in mainstream education with opportunities that can make a positive difference to their lives. The foundation will help stretch their capabilities through a range of experiences they may otherwise have missed. TheSchoolBus Foundation will provide assistance through the giving of grants to those bodies recognised by and meeting the criteria set by the charities trustees.

The Foundation is particularly interested in enabling children and young people develop a strong foundation for the future. Projects could, for example, support special educational needs, address behavioural problems or promote citizenship or life skills.

The Foundation aims to benefit disadvantaged children and young people in our society in England by providing grants to fund projects and activities for those with most need. We aim to support those groups who dedicate their time, including charities and community support groups by supporting children and young people improve their educational choices.



Our Aims

The aims of TheSchoolBus Foundation are to advance the education of disadvantaged children and young people by providing grants where either self help or resources from the education system have proved insufficient. 

The trustees of TheSchoolBus Foundation recognise individuals as disadvantaged whose circumstances (whether financial, emotional, physical, or through lack of time or support) limit the chances to access the opportunities available to help develop their education.

By supporting charities and other organisations who work with and support disadvantaged children and young people in mainstream education the trustees would like to:

  • Encourage the education (including social and physical training) of individuals up to the age of 18 years in such manner as the trustees think fit, including, but not limited to, by way of subsidising any travel expenses in furtherance of education, including the study of music or other arts.
  • Advance education in areas of social deprivation by providing grants to enable community to advance education opportunities in that area.
  • Advance the education of gifted pupils by providing grants for the provision of facilities not required to be provided by the local education authority for education at a school, academy or other recognised educational establishment to assist such pupils in maximising their potential.


How we operate

Grants will be made for projects that develop educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people in mainstream education where self help or resources from the education system have proved insufficient. 

Grants will be allocated throughout the year; the Foundation does not operate with deadline dates for applications.

Grants must be spent within twelve months from the date of the award.

Grant recipients will be expected to submit a written evaluation report within three months of completion of the project.

The Foundation support should make a recognisable difference, therefore preference will be given to requests where the grant would cover a significant element of the total cost and to applications from smaller organisations. 


Support Us

For more information about the foundation and how you can support us, email the team on