Griff Williams

Research Editor

Having completed a BA honours degree in Criminology and Sociology, I have spent a lot of time researching and analysing long, complicated policy documents to synthesise them into one coherent whole. My degree allowed me to explore my main passions regarding how we shape society. One of these passions was the importance of schools and education in laying the foundations of a young person’s journey in life, and in doing so, helping some of the most vulnerable young people in society to overcome adversity and achieve their maximum potential. As the son of a retired headteacher, I know that school leaders and teaching staff have challenging working routines – so I was absolutely thrilled to join Hub4Leaders as a Research Editor. In my job, I can help to make the lives of school leaders and teaching staff a little bit easier so that they can concentrate on shaping the futures of their pupils and be less worried when it comes to compliance. This is what makes being part of the editorial team at Hub4Leaders so rewarding.
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