Robert Papp

Software Developer

I’ve always had a passion for using computers, and I completed my MSc degree in Information Technologies — Software Engineering in 2012. I started my career as a teacher in a vocational technical school, teaching computer science courses, including programming. After three years, I decided to expand my horizons and pursue a career path closer to my degree. Starting from October 2015, I've been employed here as a Junior Software Developer for six months, and after that, I continued to work here as a Software Developer. I never had the chance to use TheSchoolBus when I was a teacher, but when I was introduced to it, I immediately realised just what a difference it can make to a teacher’s life. My motivational force is my curious nature – my hunger for knowing more – and creating something new as a result fulfills that nature. Thankfully, I was directly involved in many exciting tasks and projects, all of which make your visit on TheSchoolBus as pleasurable as possible. I’m a big supporter of agile methodologies and teamwork in a controlled fashion, and I truly believe that with all these at hand, we can truly make a difference.
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