This helped with Ofsted and SIAMS inspections

"We were able to move from a policy light (non-compliant) school to a policy heavy (over-compliant) school. This helped with Ofsted and SIAMS inspections."

Jane Mitchell-Barnes, Compliance and Quality Manager - St Michael’s Church of England High School

The best value subscription

"Without doubt, this is the best value subscription we've ever entered into!"

Liz Bishopp, School Business Manager, The Blandford School

An amazing resource...literally saves hours!

"TheSchoolBus is an amazing resource for school leaders. No more fumbling around. No more hunting through lots of websites wondering about the accuracy of the information. One quick message and accurate, easy-to-read, precise answers are sent back. Even better - no more reading reams of government documents. One message and a 3-Minute Read is returned. All in all, TheSchoolBus literally saves hours of time of searching the internet and reading big documents."

Deputy Headteacher in a Primary School

Policies are constantly up-to-date, less time-consuming and more manageable

"We have been using TheSchoolBus Compliance Manager: Policy Management since Summer 2018. It has made the management of all of our school policies much less time-consuming and more manageable. The policies are automatically uploaded to our school website, as soon as they have been approved. You also get reminders of any of your policies that are coming up to their review date in plenty of time, ensuring that you are constantly up to date with all of these."

Sara Carlton, Deputy Headteacher, Coombe Hill Junior School

Best time-saving mechanism I have ever engaged with

"We at High Tunstall College of Science have been using TheSchoolBus for over 18 months and find it an absolutely invaluable tool. We started by using it as an information source and in September 2017 we employed the Compliance Manager: Policy Management tool. Policy Management is the best time-saving mechanism I have ever engaged with as a headteacher. All policies are passed and dealt with through Policy Management, saving many hours of debate in governors committee. The regular updates and the identification of changes required as legislation changes is invaluable to all at our college. I recommend this to you with no reservation and real value for money."

Mark Tilling, headteacher at High Tunstall College of Science

Compliance Manager: Policy Management keeps us up-to-date!

""We started to use Compliance Manager: Policy Management as we found our previous system for updating policies was complicated and full of loopholes which would allow a policy to be missed from being updated. Compliance Manager: Policy Management is a whole system to keep us up to date in terms of best practice, up to date in terms of reviewing and up-to-date in terms of a real paper trail of governors checking and staff reading. It is an extremely easy system to use and the email reminders make things so much easier.""

Andrew Chadwick, Deputy Headteacher - Wilsden Primary School

Invaluable service

"My experience with TheSchoolBus has been very positive. The advice and resources are of a high quality and the ability to share with staff and governors is extremely useful. When I could not find a resource, I emailed their ‘Need Further Help?’ department and the document was emailed to me within minutes. In today’s constantly shifting sands and with the reduction in help from LAs a service like this is invaluable."

Damian John Groark, Headteacher - St.Bede’s RCVA Primary School

Great governor resource

"Such a great resource - there are still things I don’t understand as a Governor due to not working in Education so this will really help."

Governor - Leven Valley Primary School

Providing confidence

"TheSchoolBus encourages efficiency and has saved me so much time and effort in producing documents and plans and this has given me so much more time to spend with my staff and ensuring I am able to be the best leader I can be. TheSchoolBus is an absolute must have, they are brilliant!"

Nesrim Mesnani, Associate CIPD Strategic Business Manager - Minerva Centre

TheSchoolBus is so up-to-date

"I have found the policies very helpful. On my governing board, we allocate responsibility for updating most policies to committees and then, within that, to individual governors. When I am reviewing a policy I look at TheSchoolBus as well as my LA website to make sure that I have the best, up-to-date information. I like that TheSchoolBus is so up-to-date. As a governor, there is a big focus on policies – I’ve uncovered many resources which I’ve found were detailed and up-to-date. Staff wellbeing is a major issue for us and I was pleasantly surprised to find this on your service."

Chair of Governors - Infant School in Norfolk

Super helpful

"I have been using TheSchoolBus for just over a year and wonder how I managed without it! The website is user friendly and is sectioned into seven key areas. Its difficult to pick out the 'best' areas, because the whole website is packed with up to the minute, timely information. The resources it provides are amazing and the 3-minute reads provide the headlines on new initiatives and legislation so I'm fully up-to-date, until I have time to read the information in full, invaluable really in a busy environment. What's also been super helpful for me is the policy templates. I cannot recommend TheSchoolBus enough, take a trial and you'll wonder how you managed without it!"

Dawn Aldridge, School Business Manager - St Ann's Junior and Infant School

Saving you time

"TheSchoolBus is our go-to place for both consolidating and developing our practice. The service supports us to retain governors and clerks because we are able to provide high quality resources that are up-to-date and reflect good practice. The ‘Need Further Help?’ service allows you to realise some of the things that you would not always have the capacity to research and develop yourself. We are thrilled with the service; it saves time and produces the best quality information available to us."

Ormiston Academies Trust

Go the extra mile

"The statutory topics are always useful but it is the more bespoke things that really make the difference. Their researchers really go the extra mile; not only do they comment directly on the policy/topic in question but they also send me useful contextual documents to support my review."

Sarah Bloomer, Safeguarding and Compliance Co-ordinator - Ormiston Academies Trust

Up-to-date information

"Chaigeley School has been using TheSchoolBus service for some time now. We are very happy with the service provided, saving us hours of time and providing us with up-to-date information especially in relation to policies development and safeguarding. It is safe to say that as a school we are very happy with TheSchoolBus service."

Antonio Munoz Bailey, Headteacher - Chaigeley School

Staff training

"Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. I asked for clarification of the changes to the DfE guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education- Sept 16. This was issued in a concise and clear way, summarising the key points of change. It will be perfect for staff inset."

Clare van Vliet - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School, Birmingham

TheSchoolBus has cut my workload down

"I used TheSchoolBus most during the summer holidays to get all my policies ready for the new school year. Otherwise, I use it when I have a spare minute, that’s just how it is working in a school. I mainly access policies and documents as they are the most helpful, and bespoke, so I can put my school information into the necessary fields. TheSchoolBus has cut my workload down so I can concentrate on other day-to-day things, and it’s decreased my stress levels. I know everything on there is completely up-to-date and that gives me the confidence to trust what I read"

Claire Bates, Headteacher - Drayton Community Infant School

Value for money

"I am really impressed with TheSchoolBus as an excellent management tool enabling you to access quality documents easily. The 'Request a bespoke document' feature is an excellent addition as it enables you to request a document that is relevant and pertinent to your school context, drawing on the experience and expertise of educational and business professionals. TheSchoolBus is exceptional value for money."

Geoff Mason, Headteacher - Bridge Farm Primary School

Exceptional value for money

"I am blown away by what TheSchoolBus does and the value for money! An exceptional service at exceptional value for money!"

Bruce Doy - The Boswells Academy Trust

Varied and valuable!

"Getting on board TheSchoolBus has proved a great decision. It provides varied and valuable resource for a number of different groups, including teachers, leaders and governors. The broad spectrum of education news and specifics of model polices provides a fantastic breadth of support from one resource, and at great value. My personal favourite is the ‘3 Minute Read’ which is a brilliant time saver!"

Keith Rendell, Business Manager - Corbet School

Relevant and pertinent

"Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. I asked for a Policy on Equal Opportunities for (Children) that included all groups. TheSchoolBus created a bespoke document that is an excellent addition to our policies and website, which is relevant and pertinent to our school context."

Matthew Pitcher, Deputy Headteacher/Safeguarding Officer - St Thomas More Catholic School, Birmingham