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In 2020, hundreds of school leaders made the switch to TheSchoolBus for online support and compliance tracking. Unlike some of our competitors, we like to do things a bit differently, here’s just a few reasons why schools leaders like you made the switch:

We are always first to explain the challenge and provide the solution –

Our editorial team works flexibly outside office hours to ensure you’re the first to know what’s changed. Additionally, every one of our 3000+ resources is made in house by a team of experts to guarantee compliance.

We never profit from the work of others –

We will never charge you to access documents you could find on Google or another school’s website.

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We provide personal, 1-2-1 support –

Every school can ask questions and request the creation of a document or policy.

We go the extra mile to keep you compliant -

We understand the pressure you’re under to ensure school compliance at all times, that is why when it comes compliance, we’ve got you covered. Unlike our competitors we go one step further, not just tracking and monitoring your school’s compliance progress, we then generate action plans so 100% compliance becomes a reality…not an aim! You can find out more about this service here.

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We were able to move from a policy light (non-compliant) school to a policy heavy (over-compliant) school. This helped with Ofsted and SIAMS

Jane Mitchell-Barnes, Compliance and Quality Manager
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